URG Ultra Bright Pro Taillight II

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Super Powerful LED Light for Unrivaled Visibility and Safety:

Unrivaled visibility and safety from the brand you trust. The URG Pro Taillight II delivers serious strength at night and in daylight. Be seen at well over a half mile away (more than ten city blocks).


Long Lasting USB-Rechargeable Battery:

Long lasting USB rechargeable battery - even on the brightest setting. A two-hour charge yields six hours of use on the brightest strobe setting and over fourteen hours on the lowest strobe setting. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing batteries. USB charging cable included.


Easy-to-Use/Convenient ON/OFF Button for 8 Light Modes/Settings:

Sequence through 8 high visibility light settings with an easy touch of the finger. 4 solid and 3 flashing modes of increasing brightness with an additional strobe setting. Click once to turn on and to sequence through solid or flashing/strobe modes. Double click to switch from solid to flashing/strobe modes. Hold down button to turn off.


No Tools for Easy Installation of Uniquely Designed Mount:

Mounting the URG Taillight II is simple and intuitive. Just wrap the ultra durable silicone strap around your seat post or anywhere else on your frame and secure through the loops. Pull the tab down to insert the taillight vertically or horizontally. Once mounted, the light can pivot and lock into 5 different angles of your choice to put you in charge of your visibility.


Built To Last:

The URG Pro Taillight II is IPX7 certified waterproof and is built with tough as nails construction. As with all URG products, it comes with a two year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.