URG Pro Ultra Bright Headlight

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URG Pro Headlight lights the way!
  • Equipped with three settings - high solid, low solid, and high flashing.
  • Lights up the road up to 350 feet ahead of you.
  • Visible from over 2500 feet away!
  • Our headlight is specifically designed with a flat, horizontal beam that is angled slightly downward to eliminate blinding those in your path, all while still providing you maximum visibility.

USB rechargeable with long battery life

  • Recharge your light from any USB power source.
  • Best charge time to battery life on the market! 3.5-hour charge will gives 6+ hours on the brightest mode and 9+ hours on the lower power mode.
  • We eliminate guess work with our specially designed, color-coded on/off button. Indicator light begins to blink when its getting time to charge, glows red while charging and turns green once your battery is fully charged.

Maximum durability and super low weight

  • Unlike other lights on the market made of cheap plastic materials, our headlight is machined from high grade, light weight aluminum.
  • It is fully water resistant and built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.
  • We believe so much in the quality and durability of our products that we offer a two-year warranty.

Extremely easy to install on any bicycle - no tools necessary

  • No tools necessary to mount the headlight, it is guaranteed to fit any bike out there.
  • Included silicone mounting strap is extremely durable yet easy to use.

FREE URG Pro Taillight included for your added safety on the road or trail!

  • Fully waterproof.
  • Has six light modes that can be seen from up to 1200 feet away.
  • 6 light modes - 3 flashing and three solid beams.
  • Used with our Pro Headlight, this light gives cyclist the advantage of being highly visible from 360 degrees. You are sure to be seen by ALL traffic on the road!
  • Just like our Pro Headlight, this light has OUTSTANDING BATTERY LIFE! After 2 hours of charging, you can run your taillight from 6+ to 17+ hours depending on light mode!