URG Pro Taillight II Information

URG Pro Taillight II Operation 

The taillight is operated using the single button as shown with the arrow above.  

1) Pressing the button when the light is off will turn the light on 
2) Pressing the button when the light is on will cycle through four levels of brightness when in solid light mode and between three levels of brightness and the strobe setting when in flashing mode
3) To switch between the solid and flashing modes, do a quick double-click of the button
4) Hold down the button for two seconds to switch the light off

NOTE: Again, to switch between flashing and solid light modes just do a quick double-click of the button while the light is on.



1) The battery indicator light (shown with the arrow above) will begin flashing when it is time to recharge the battery
2) The USB charging port is located on the back of the light. You can find it by moving the silicone cover out of the USB input as shown above
3) Connect the USB cable and plug the other end into any USB power source to begin charging
4) When charging the battery, indicator light will flash green and change to solid once the battery is fully charged


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