URG Pro Hand Pump

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Nozzle fits Presta and Schrader valves

  • One portable pump for both Presta and Schrader valves!
  • Uniquely designed nozzle converts between Schrader and Presta valve tubes with the greatest of ease.  No additional pieces that can go missing!  Just a few quick turns of the nozzle to open for Presta and screw shut for Schrader.

Easy to carry and mount

  • At only 8.72 inches and 223 grams, this lightweight pump can easily fit in backpacks, frame bags, and pockets!  
  • Included mounting bracket allows for easy mount onto any bicycle frame.

Pump hose allows you to pump with ease!

  • Built-in flexible hose head swivels 360 degrees.  
  • Can literally twist in a loop and still pump with maximum efficiency.

Nozzle screws onto valve stem

  • No tearing your valve from the tube or having to hold the nozzle on the valve.
  • Nozzle screws onto valve stem so you can use two hands on the pump for strength and stability!

Pumps easily to 160psi

  • High pressure tested for 160psi.
  • Getting to 60psi for mountain bikes and 120 for road bikes is no problem at all.

Unrivaled durability

  • The entire pump body, pump arm, and pump shaft are machined from high-grade aluminum alloy for long lasting durability.
  • As with all URG products it comes with two-year guarantee 

Comes with frame mount, patch kit, and sports ball needle nozzle

  • Frame mount allows pump to click onto frame underneath your water bottle cage.  
  • Patch kit can fix up to 6 flats easily. 
  • Pump can be used for basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, etc with included screw-on ball needle nozzle.


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